Maris Stella’s High School is a vibrant, challenging, yet nurturing environment. We continually evaluate our programmes to ensure that they are relevant in preparing our girls to take their place as mature young women who will contribute positively to the betterment of society. Some of our extension programmes include:

  • A week-long orientation for our Grade 8 girls.
  • Our Grade 9 Touchstone Experience, where our girls spend 10 days in the Underberg area hiking the Giant’s Cup Trail and working in a rural school. This project was initiated in order to expose our girls to situations which encourage their formation as young girls or adults who will believe in themselves, who will value teamwork, and who will know that they can contribute positively to the building of a better society and world. We want our girls to learn the value of a living faith in God and service to all people.
  • Our Peer Mentor programme which encourages our Grade 10 girls to grow in emotional intelligence as they take part in an 8 week programme of personal development and listening skills. Our Peer Mentors provide a sympathetic listening ear for the younger girls in our school.
  • Our Toastmasters Course which provides our Grade 11 girls with the public-speaking skills they need to develop into confident young women.
  • Grade 12 Career days
  • Subject excursions
  • House plays
  • Art exhibitions
  • Special assemblies at which various topics and projects are presented

Our girls are also encouraged to participate in the following externally organized programmes and competitions:

  • English, Science and Mathematics Olympiads
  • BDO Quiz
  • The Schools’ Moot Court Competition
  • A course in Argumentation Skills
  • Grahamstown Festival
  • Grade 12 French Dinner
  • Hilton Arts Festival
  • Toastmasters
  • Durban Youth Council
  • Vietnam World Challenge

Holiday programmes are implemented for various groups of girls and an overseas Cultural Tour takes place annually. A French Tour takes place regularly and Grade 11 girls have walked the Camino De Santiago De Compostela pilgrimage in Spain.

Maris Stella girls are taught the value of relationships and community while encouraged to grow in their own individual gifts and talents. We challenge our girls to develop resilience but nurture them in their own individual needs. Our girls are extended through participation in our programmes and projects, and extra lessons are offered in most subjects. Our Guidance and Counseling Department, together with all our Staff, offer support to those pupils who need assistance.