The Junior Primary shares the grounds of Maris Stella, and its many outstanding facilities, with the Pre-School, Prep Phase and High School. The girls are educated in a nurturing Catholic environment which ensures that learners grow in confidence, make progress, and enjoy school. Our passionate staff is committed to providing a holistic educational programme based on excellence.

Our Grade 1, 2 and 3 classes create the basis of learning by both laying a strong foundation in Mathematics and English, and by the development of critical thinking skills and creativity. Music, Art and Drama play an important and vital role in nurturing self-confidence, the power of the imagination, and effective communication skills. Outdoor skills, developed both in sport and by the use of our adventure playground, add a wonderful richness to childhood in our phase. Our focus is on extending and affirming a child’s curiosity, sense of inquiry and ability to make the correct choices.

Family, faith and respect for all in their diversity, are some of the core values of our daily life within the Junior Primary. Our passionate staff is committed to the recognition and encouragement of each girl’s abilities and talents, challenging her development along constructive and creative lines. Each Grade has a class charity that the children choose. Here girls are given the opportunity to develop a strong sense of social responsibility as they work as a team towards helping others in our community. Our Aftercare facility has a vibrant energy, while the staff nurtures qualities of kindness and integrity.