Welcome To Maris Stella Pre-School

One of the leading pre-schools in Durban, we offer a vibrant, happy place for young girls to learn and grow. We pride ourselves on ensuring a great balance between teacher-directed and free choice activities, encouraging active learning which is child-centred, age appropriate and, most importantly, fun!

Why Maris Stella Pre-School?

Our pre-school is small, intimate and nurturing. While separate from Maris Stella’s other school phases, the pre-school forms part of the wider school family, with specially delegated high school leaders assigned to each class. This promotes a sense of sisterhood and belonging, boosting confidence and independence and offering an enriching and unique experience.

We have the following classes:

  • Grade 000 for girls turning 4 in that year
    This programme allows plenty of opportunity to learn through play in a loving, caring environment. The girls spend a busy day exploring and making discoveries.
  • Grade 00 for girls turning 5 in that year
    This class continues to learn through lots of play, but they also have more formal periods where they explore the concepts necessary to prepare them for Grade R.
  • Two Grade R classes for girls turning 6 in that year
    This year covers the concepts as laid down in the CAPS curriculum; our pre-reading, pre-writing and pre-maths programmes ensure our girls are well prepared for Grade 1.

Daily Programme

Our pre-school opens at 7.15am and our morning ends at 12.30pm. An aftercare facility is available from 12.30pm to 4.45pm.

Our more formal lessons include:

  • Music
  • Drama
  • Drama
  • Religion
  • PE (swimming for the older girls)
  • Interactive theme discussions

The free play periods include:

  • Art techniques and media
  • Fantasy play
  • Block construction
  • Puzzles and games
  • Sand and sensopathic (touch) play
  • Play in our large garden, with apparatus that encourages gross motor development


Included as part of our pre-school offering are our Learn to Swim programme, as well as adventure games programme.

Private lessons offered include:

  • Tennis (Grade R only)
  • Speech and Drama (for Grade 00 and Grade R)
  • Ballet
  • Playball


Our aftercare facility is situated in the pre-school. Some of the girls stay until 2.30pm while others are at school until 4.45pm. The afternoon programme includes a quiet rest time, an art activity and supervised indoor and outdoor play time.

Living our Faith

As a school with a Catholic ethos, our Christian faith is central to our daily programme, instilling common values and guidance. We begin and end each day with prayer; each class has a religion lesson once a week; we sing Christian songs and attend Mass at school once a term. We have a pre-school gathering each week where we talk to the girls about different values. We are involved in regular community outreach, visiting our designated charities once a term, interacting with the people cared for there, and taking along items generously donated by the girls and their families.

School Life

In keeping with our family ethos, we have a range of events during the year which focuses on various members of our families. These include:

  • Family picnic, giving families an opportunity to get to know each other
  • Teddy Bears picnic for Mother’s Day
  • Dads and Daughters evening
  • Grandparents morning
  • Prayer and Praise service in the school chapel
  • Christmas play

Grade R 2019 Nativity: Born in a Barn

Grade 000 and 00 2019 Christmas Show: Under the Sea