We have a good balance between Teacher directed and Free Choice activities. We believe in active learning and all our structured tasks are child centred, age appropriate and fun! Our daily programme includes more formal lessons of music, drama, religion, PE, swimming (for the older girls) and interactive theme discussions. The Free Play periods allow for opportunities to explore different art techniques and media, and engage in fantasy play, block construction, puzzles and games, sand and sensopathic play as well as play in a large garden with apparatus that encourages gross motor development.

The Grade 000 programme allows plenty of opportunity to learn through play in a loving, caring environment. The girls spend a busy day exploring and making discoveries.

Our Grade 00 class continues to learn through lots of play, but they also have more formal periods where they explore the concepts necessary to prepare them for Gr R.

The Grade R programme covers the concepts as laid down in the CAPS curriculum and our pre-reading, pre-writing and pre-maths programmes ensure our girls are well prepared for Grade 1.

The Aftercare facility is situated in the Pre-School. Some of the girls stay until 2.30pm while others are at school until 4.45pm. The afternoon Programme includes a quiet rest time, an art activity and supervised indoor and outdoor play time.

Private teachers come in after school to teach Tennis (Grade R only), Speech and Drama (for Grade 00 and Grade R), Ballet, and Playball. Our ‘Learn to Swim’ programme (First and Fourth Terms only) as well as Adventure Games, are extramurals that are offered free of charge by the school.