Maris Stella has been my place to call home and my sanctuary for 13 years. I came into this school not knowing what to expect, now I can’t imagine not walking through those gates into this beautiful environment

Tamryn Palani, 12M

Maris Stella, I can’t explain how much you have forever changed my life. I have experienced so much love and support – in fact the most I have ever experienced. Thanks so much for all the wonderful memories and life-long friends. Happy Birthday Maris Stella.

Jessica Petzer, 12V

I love Maris Stella because for the past 14 years I’ve left my home only to come to another one. This is my family.

Adaeze Enelbechi, 12J

My favourite thing about Maris Stella is the family ethos. Being here for 14 years, I have developed my faith, grown as an individual and gained friends that I now consider family. I am forever grateful for this beautiful school.

Georgia Erskine, 12M

My favourite part of Maris Stella is the sisterhood and the love everyone has for each other. My best memory was coming into school on my first day of Grade R and being told I was in the Yellow Group. Everyone ran and gave me hugs. I instantly felt at home and this has been home for 13 years and I wouldn’t change a thing.

Sria Kusial, 12V

Maris Stella, a home away from home. A place where your teachers become your second moms and your class mates become your sisters. I don’t think I would ever be the person I am today without this school. I have loved every moment here and Maris Stella will always hold a special place in my heart.

Samishka Chetty, 12V

I am grateful to come to a school that embraces and celebrates one another and their differences. The atmosphere, ethos and sisterhood of the school sets it apart from everyone else.

Kirstin Winter, 12V

I cannot think of just one amazing memory I have made at Maris Stella because there have been so many that I will cherish forever. All my teachers and friends make Maris Stella feel like my second home and an environment that I can really thrive in.

Chloé Garrioch, 12J

My best memory at Maris Stella would be my first day in Grade 7. I was scared but everyone was so welcoming and understanding. I made my second family at this school.

Alisha Chutarpal, 12J

My favourite memory of Maris Stella is seeing the younger girls, as they always manage to brighten my day.

Kayla Hinchliffe, 12J

It is very rare for a Matric to feel this way – but most days I wake up with a smile at the thought of seeing my amazing friends. All thanks to this beautiful school. A world of abundant love.

Lulu Mbanga, 12J