Maris Stella is a Holy Family, Catholic School which admits girls of all denominations and faiths, and which witnesses to the teachings and values of Jesus Christ.

The Religious Education programme at Maris Stella is life-centred, broad and multi-faceted, encompassing aspects of personal growth as well as areas of religious exploration and spiritual formation. It is rooted in Catholic Tradition, but the breadth of this accommodates others from similar Christian traditions, while those from different religious traditions participate in ways that nurture their own spiritual development. Thus, at Maris Stella, pupils are exposed to Catholic values and doctrine, and Christian stories, but are encouraged to explore and share own particular stories and practices.

Our school worships and celebrates together as a community. Thus, all pupils attend Religious Education lessons and associated functions. These functions include celebrations of the Eucharist, seasonal paraliturgies and school assemblies. In addition to these, the RE Department hosts an annual Paschal Meal for the Matrics, as well as workshops and courses for pupil and adult formation. Weekly Communion Services are held in our beautiful chapel.

Faith formation at Maris Stella is holistic and the girls are enriched by their participation in their Grade’s annual retreat. The content of each retreat includes personal and spiritual growth, as well as Christian Leadership and team and relationship building.

At Maris Stella, we aim to create the environment, spirit and atmosphere of ‘family’, so that the young person may grow up as a confident and responsible member of the larger community. Leadership qualities are developed and our girls are encouraged to mix easily with others from diverse cultures and faiths.

The school badge consists of an anchor imposed on a star, symbolising the name of the school, MARIS STELLA, Star of the Sea. This name was chosen because of the school’s commanding view of the ocean, and because Mary, Mother of Jesus, was looked upon by sailors as a guide – as STAR OF THE SEA.

The school motto is SUSPICE CONFIDE – Look Up and Trust – since our faith and experience teach us to trust in God’s plan and will for us and his Kingdom.

Living Our Faith

As a Catholic school, our faith is central to our daily programme.

We begin and end each day with prayer; each class has a religion lesson once a week; we sing Christian songs and attend Mass once a term. Once a week we have a Pre-school gathering where we talk to the girls about different values and sing and pray together. We are involved in community outreach – we visit our charities once a term and take along specific items that have been collected. We also interact with and entertain the people there.

Catholic Beliefs

  • As a Catholic School, Maris Stella is centered on the person of Jesus Christ and Gospel values. We teach Catholic beliefs and opportunities are provided for each girl to develop and grow in her relationship with God through Prayer, Word, Witness and Outreach.
  • We believe in the uniqueness and goodness of each person because each person is created in the image of God.
  • We believe in the value of right relationships and community because they are an expression of the community of the Holy Trinity and of the Holy Family of Nazareth.
  • We believe in the principle of sacramentality by which we see God’s presence and grace in all aspects of life, relationships and events.
  • We appreciate ourselves as part of the Christian story and tradition, building the Kingdom of God together with those past and present.
  • We believe in the call to work for justice, peace and freedom for all.
  • We give thanks for the gift of each person and encourage the development of critical and creative thinking.
  • We affirm life, in all its forms, as a gift from God to be nurtured and celebrated.
  • We are committed to growing in the quality of our relationships.
  • We are committed to growing in our awareness of all that destroys and threatens the life of our planet, and to teaching ways of ensuring sustainability.
  • We are committed to choosing life by teaching values and skills that will promote a life-giving world-view towards God, humanity, the earth and all of creation.

School Prayer